Prathinidhi Makes Four Times Profit?

By - May 07, 2014 - 06:15 PM IST

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Prathinidhi is an edgy political drama that arrived in this election season. This film has garnered rave response from all walks of the society claiming to represent the voice of the common man [Of course, bagged a Pro-TDP remark as well]. But, trade markets have a different story altogether.

Trade analysts say that Prathinidhi is the biggest hit in Nara Rohit’s career so far. A film that was made on a shoe-string budget of around Rs. 1.25 crore and has in turn fetched table profit for the producers minting around Rs. 5 crores [inclusive of Satellite rights]. In terms of return on investment, this is the best commercial hit for Nara Rohit. This film has indeed hiked his market base as well. Though he was pathetic with his dance moves, he achieved a critical acclaim for his subtle yet effective performance in the film.

With a good story-driven plot, message in the content and impressive punch dialogues, Prathinidhi is termed to be one of the best commercial hits of the season.