Nagarjuna Finds An Alternative For Audio Release?

By - May 08, 2014 - 04:11 PM IST

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Akkineni Family’s prestigious Manam is growing big day-by-day with the growing expectations. The theatrical trailer was already a massive hit and the ANR Remix song “Piyo Piyo Re…” released earlier was also an instant hit. But the only disappointing thing about the film is the lack of an audio release event.

We know that the audio jukebox shall be directly out in the net at 10 A.M this May 9th with no traditional audio release gala. But fans…worry not! The makers have thought of an alternative already. According to insider reports, King Nag wants to compensate this with a small get-together of one and all associated with Manam to commemorate the memories and experiences of the film and late ANR. And this event may fall on the 15th of this May, a week prior to the movie release.

Instead of a conventional audio launch with skits, song and dance performances, this is a different idea the makers have come out with. Well, King Nag is always known for innovation and guess this is yet another innovative move by him!

Give it any name; we need an event prior to the movie release. Agreed? [Just Saying!]

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