Will Prakash Raj Compromise Today?

By - May 09, 2014 - 12:09 PM IST

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Actor/writer/director/producer Prakash Raj is facing many serious allegations regarding his behaviour and discipline on the film sets. He was threatened to receive a life-time ban from Telugu film industry a couple of weeks back and the patch up meeting is scheduled for today. Yes, the meeting of Prakasha Raj with the Directors Association and Movie Artists Association [MAA] will be happening today and an official announcement can be expected in the later part of the day.

All the parties related to this issue will be attending the discussion today and will be expressing their own versions to bring out the facts behind this whole incident! Aagadu producers will be accompanying their director friend Sreenu Vaitla and might be defending their complaint.

Meanwhile his latest tweet reading "ek myaan me do talwaar nahi reh sakte....two swords do not fit into one scabbarb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is apparently indicating 'No Peace' [in English]. We just need to wait for some more time to get complete clarity on this whole issue!

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