Nag and Chai's Interesting Real Life Timepass

By - May 12, 2014 - 12:45 PM IST

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Looks like Nagarjuna and Chaitanya are the coolest father and sons around [Sorry, we call them dad and sons, though they appear like brothers].

If it is Dhoni cricket, Nag has been the ‘Mr. Cool’ in the industry over the years. And Naga Chaitanya just has it in his DNA! Their Manam is ready for release this 23rd of May…the duo is already being acclaimed for their performance (that is evident from the trailer) especially in the “Piyo Piyo Re” song and they say “it’s just trailer”.

When the father and son were quizzed about their real life “Piyo Piyo Re…” the duo has some open confessions to make. In simple words, both Nag and Chai accepted that they both drink together! While Chai says they both are very good friends beyond just a father and son, Nag admits that he is just being how his father (late ANR) used to be with him! Even ANR apparently used to drink with Nag occasionally, according to a source close to the family.

Of course, they are well learnt people and this is just a most common household affair (So, all the innocent righteous chaps can chillax). Besides, fans are eagerly waiting for the biggest family entertainer and the last film of their favorite evergreen hero ANR.