Who is Directing Rajasekhar's Gaddam Gang?

By - May 14, 2014 - 03:29 PM IST

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Angry young man Rajasekhar is currently acting in a film titled Gaddam Gang and the film is a remake of Tamil hit Soodhu Kavvum. The original film was directed by Nalan Kumaraswamy and a debutant named Santosh will be directing its Telugu version. Santosh has worked as an associate to Tamil director M Saravanan, who made Ganesh Just Ganesh [with Ram & Kajal] and Journey [with Sharvanand & Anjali] in the past.

As per the latest news, Jeevitha Rajasekhar will be making improvisations to the script as per the nativity of Tollywood and it is also being said that she might be the ghost director for this Gaddam Gang movie. We’ve already seen Jeevitha doing this many times in the past and this film will not be an exception for her interference. Everyone’s feeling sorry for P Santosh who got tangled in the mess of directing the film and justifying each and every scene at the same time. If Santosh is really fortunate, he will be given a free hand by Mr and Mrs Rajasekhar after a couple of weeks! Let’s wish that the debutant gets a chance to showcase his skills!