Pawan Kalyan Proves His Love For Country

By - May 17, 2014 - 09:40 AM IST

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Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is very happy about the 2014 election results and has talked to the media at his residence. He has given some straight answers to every question asked by the press. Here are few excerpts from his press meet...

* I’m happy that the corrupted politics have lost in the 2014 elections and the people of AP have opted for good governance. I don’t have any personal hate towards Jagan or YSRCP, but I am against their policies of robbery. I’m thankful to all the Telugu people who’ve selected better politicians and stable government...

* I would like to congratulate KCR for his win in Telangana and would like to request him to refrain from abusing Seemandhra people and calling them 'settlers' going forward.

* I’m completely against the robbery of natural resources and working towards the vested interests of few families or companies. I will work with government in giving back the acquired lands if they are inappropriate.

* My Janasena Party is currently in a development phase and will be playing a constructive role in the coming government. We will be identifying the burning issues in the society and try to get them solved with the help of government.

* My main intention was to stop few parties from coming into power and I think that my job is completely done now. I’m not at all interested in taking any portfolios [central ministry] and would work towards the betterment of society as a common man.

* I know that I’ve caused a lot of problems to my brother Chiranjeevi. But, I always consider and prefer the interests of my country than those of my family. Withdrawing my support for JP [Malkajgiri] would also fall in the same category...

* I completely trust the ability and capability of Chandrababu Naidu and Modi in building the new state and better country. I’m not interested in meeting them for taking photographs or for some publicity; I will do it only when it’s required.

* I will surely work with KCR or any other Telangana leaders in solving the ever-lasting naxal issue.

And regarding PVP issue, Pawan Kalyan has said that politics are not his house property to give a pie to his friends or families. Anyone with good deeds will be finding a place in his team and he will be fighting only for their interests..