Me and NTR celebrated birthdays together: Manoj

By - May 19, 2014 - 04:26 PM IST

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A fire cracker…a dynamite…a power house and Manchu Manoj – These are names of the same genre and family.

He is yet a different pearl from the family of the Manchus. Doing mainstream, being conventional and hypocratical is what he hates! That is why, you don’t find his any two films similar and you can’t see him acting on any stage be it - public or private. He is just himself and has made fans just for that.

From Donga Dongadi (2004) to Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda (2014), it has already been a decade for this livewire in this business. On the eve of his birthday this May 20th (tomorrow), the vivacious star chats with iQlik.

Hi Manoj.. Happy Birthday!
Hi.. Thanks a lot!

2013 should have been a good year as an actor. How do you look at it?
Yeah…It has been very good. I did an interesting role in Paandavulu Paandavulu Thummeda and my saree clad appearance was well appreciated in the film. It was a great year for my family as well. My brother is also back in form with Rowdy.

How is your upcoming film Current Teega going on?
Things are going smoothly with the film. I am sure the film would be well appreciated by all classes of audience.

What makes you say that so confidently?
It is because I am toiling along with a truly hard working and committed director (G. Nageswar Reddy) for this film. He made my work tremendously easy. It’s a beautiful story with a village backdrop.

Tell us about your co-stars in your upcoming Current Teega.
Rakul Preet Singh is a wonderful co-star to work with. She’s going to have a bright future as an actress. Senior actor Jagapathi Babu is doing a key role in the film. Sunny Leone is also there in the film and you will know why she was casted after watching the film!

Are you choosing stories of your choice or directors approach you to do theirs?
I can say it is a mixture of both. At times I go to a particular director and sometimes they are coming to me. In fact I’ve been waiting to work with G. Nageswara Reddy since ages and it’s fulfilled now with Current Teega.

When will Current Teega be finally ready for release?
The filming will be finished by August and we are planning the release sometime around September.

But it is rumored that you involve actively in your director’s work. How true is it?
Well for many of my earlier films, the directors used to overspend for certain issues and the entire unit used to suffer because of it. I had no choice but to interfere in such situations. Except circumstances like that, I don’t poke into the job of the creative caps.

To how much extent Vishnu is taking care of the film?
Vishnu gave a good team and a competent director. He has been giving money without any limitation.  Unfortunately, I am yet to get my remuneration (Laughs)!

How are things going on with S/o Pedarayudu?
It is currently in the pre-production phase. I will do a film with a new team meanwhile and after that it would be going on to the sets.

Do you feel more comfortable working on one film at once?
Nothing like that. I did Vedam, Jhummandi Nadam and Bindass simultaneously. If I get a good story I wouldn’t mind doing multiple films at once.

Any memorable birthday you remember till date?
Every birthday is celebrated equally well. Parents bless me and I visit a temple in the morning. That evening I would go partying with friends. Almost every birthday goes the same way.

You share birthday with Jr.NTR. Do you greet each other and celebrate?
We do wish each other and at times we did celebrate together. He is a very good friend of mine.

Would this be your last birthday as a bachelor?
(Smiles) I admit I’ve been telling the same from the past two three years. But you know, nothing is in our hands. My focus is on films now. I am not too much worried about my personal life (Laughs)

Aren’t you bugged about marriage at home?
Of course yes! The pressure has been too much! My folks are ready with a loaded AK 47 to get me married (Laughs). But again, I feel marriage is something which would happen only when the right time comes and I think it hasn’t come for me.

Well in that case, what do you prefer love or arranged marriage?
Mostly it would be an arranged marriage… hopefully with God’s grace! But again, we never know!

Okay...we wish you all the best for your upcoming film Current Teega and a very happy birthday once again!
Thank you very much.