Baahubali Attracts The BBC Team

By - May 22, 2014 - 03:12 PM IST

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The highly renowned news broadcaster in the world “BBC” is making a special documentary on 100 Years Of Indian Cinema and is in the process of collecting all the information required for the show. It will be hosted by the famous Sanjeev Bhaskar and he has recently visited the sets of Baahubali, a Telugu film that’s being directed by SS Rajamouli for the same purpose.

SS Rajamouli and the team of Baahubali were elated to see the organizers of BBC show on their sets and they have actively participated in the interviews and discussions done by Bhaskar. The team of BBC has interacted with most the cast/crew of Baahubali that included SS Rajamouli and Daggubati Rana. We’ve to wait and see if this is regarding their film in particular or whether it was about Telugu cinema in general. Anyways, attracting the makers of BBC show is not a small thing and the appreciations started pouring in on the visionary film maker Rajamouli.

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