Pic Talk: Sridevi's Mother With ANR

By - May 22, 2014 - 07:46 AM IST

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Many know that Sridevi acted as heroine beside ANR and his son Nagarjuna as well. But how many know that ANR acted with Sridevi's mother? Well, that was just in a song for a few moments. Sridevi's mother Rajeswari was seen in super hit song 'Joru ga husharuga shikaru podama...' of 'Bharya Bhartalu' released in 1961. So, Sridevi wasn't born by that time.

This rare fact was not recorded by many. Neither Sridevi nor ANR shared this with the public for unknown reasons. Rajeswari also acted in guest role (as heroine's friend) in another ANR's film 'Aradhana' released in 1962.