Neelakanta's 'Maya'- Best Thriller?

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It has been quite a while since the the national award winner Neelakanta has been seen. His last directorial venture was Chammak Challo which failed to click. But now, it looks like he is back with a bang and will recreate his magic once again. This is through his latest venture Maaya.

One of the distributors who saw the film recently has stated this is going to be the best thriller Tollywood audience has ever seen. The distributor added that Neelakanta has done the film with tight and convincing screenplay. The concept is supernatural revolving around extra sensory perception.

If we know what is happening in the future then the thrill is different, so this is going to be an edge of the seat experience for the audience. If the distributors have said that then the future of the film is bright. It is slated to release in June while Dr MVK Reddy and Madhura Sreedhar are the producers.

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