Actor Suresh On Telangana Facebook

By - May 27, 2014 - 11:48 AM IST

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After creating some major turmoil and some forceful decisions, the state of Telangana has finally come and without doubt, many in Telangana are rejoicing about it. Even at the national level, the Telangana issue caught quite an attention owing to the way the agitation was happening.

Now, Telangana has come and it seems to have become a trending topic on the internet. The best example for that is the latest homepage senior actor Suresh displayed on his Twitter handle. Well, the title goes ‘Telangana Facebook’ and it shows how an FB page in Telangana dialect would be.

Suresh had placed it on a lighter note and it has got very good response. One must appreciate the creativity in designing that page and it must be said that the language used is perfect nativity of Telangana. All in all, just like Suresh everyone who has seen the page has enjoyed its flavor.

Telangana Facebook by Actor Suresh