Manam's Piracy Shocks The Film Industry

By - May 28, 2014 - 10:40 AM IST

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The biggest enemy and threat to the entertainment industry has been piracy and each year hundreds of crores is eaten away by the piracy. The main target is the big films whose DVDs are sold at throw away prices in the market just two to three days of release.

The latest victim in that ring is ‘Manam’. The Tollywood members are doing their best to curb this menace and it is heard that latest they seized more than 4000 DVDs of ‘Manam’ in Hyderabad along with the master copies! This is indeed a painful thing for the filmmakers and the industry.

Many a times, special squads are appointed by the film industry to ensure that piracy doesn’t take place. As for ‘Manam’ it is a film that must be enjoyed in the midst of people because it is a film that is filled with feelings and connects people. So, watching it using a pirated copy is the most unwise thing to do.

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