Mahesh Babu Eating Special Rice Now?

By - May 29, 2014 - 10:43 AM IST

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In the last few years, a lot of health consciousness has risen among the middle class and higher middle class sections of our country. True to that, they are doing everything possible to keep themselves hale and healthy. Most of the inspiration comes after looking at the film actors.

Now, it is heard that our cine stars are also getting the best in this regard and the latest trend in nutrition is having 'Quinoa rice'. Many are getting it from overseas and following a specified diet regimen here. This is a buzzword in health point of view for the film celebrities and it must be said that this is quite seasonal. It is rich in protein and is easy to digest also. Even the Most Desirble Man 'Mahesh Babu' is reportedly eating Quinoa rice it seems.

It was brown rice for some time, oats for a while and Subway Sandwiches for some time. Similarly, now the season of Quinoa rice seems to have come. Sources reveal all the actors and actresses are making it a point to have this as part of their staple diet. Let us see how long this mania continues.

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