Glamorous South Heroine's Stunning Foreign Look

By - May 30, 2014 - 07:05 PM IST

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It is an open fact that many of the stars and starlets in Indian cinema tend to ape the western cine stars in terms of dressing and style. But recently it is heard that one Indian girl was very much herself but she was mistaken to be a foreigner.

She is none other than Sanjjanaa Archana. The hot lady is busy shooting for her new movie in Turkey when she had an interesting experience. She shared that on her Twitter like this -
"When abroad #grand-bazaar #Istanbul #turkey people somewhat confused me for Arabic or Turkish woman."

Going by the tweet, it looks like they didn’t consider the hot Sanjjanaa as an Indian. The filmnagar circles say it could be true because Sanjjanaa has the habit of bleaching her hair in golden or red color which is usually the hair color of the Turkish or Arab women, hence this confusion.