Udayabhanu's Interesting Message

By - June 04, 2014 - 06:14 PM IST

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Actress Udayabhanu is not just an anchor, event host but also a saucy item song specialist. In the last few months, she has also taken to some societal issues through her program and also showed inclination towards politics. It looks like she seems to have taken that part seriously and this can be noticed by an interesting message she put on Facebook-

"In a nation where a glass needs to be chained to the tap of drinking water, where temples need a 'remove footwear before entering' sign, where all ticket windows require a ' please maintain queue' sign and all hospitals, a 'maintain silence' sign.

Where a sign of 'no spitting' is covered with red paan stains and walls need tiles of gods and goddesses to prevent people from urinating on them, where 'no littering' signs need to be put up only to have a heap of garbage right below it, what difference will a change in the government make?

Where people don't want to change themselves for a better country, what are they expecting a CM, PM or an MP to change? The change needs to come from within, from within each of us.

Let us contribute to Modiji's first Initiation for modification of our country. Let us start with cleaning. Stop throwing anything on the road. Always use dustbin. That means not even a wrapper of chocolate. Let our group be 1st to initiate this. Forward this to as many as you can and make our country at par with other developed nations."
Well, that’s some serious gyan coming in from a bubbly hot bomb like Udayabhanu. Make a note everyone.

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