Heroine Charmi Is So Troubled By Them

By - June 05, 2014 - 03:37 PM IST

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Dynamism and Bubbliness are permanent residents of heroine Charmi Kaur. She has carved a niche for herself in this hero-centric industry and is still in the race. Hailing from a Punjabi family, she has mingled brilliantly in this Southern industry and has almost become a Telugite too!

Besides being active both on-screen and off-screen, she has been active on her social networking platforms of late. These days, she has been creating hulchul through her Bubbly recordings.

Earlier this week when there was a huge downpour and a subsequent power cut all over the city, Charmi posted a recording sharing how scared she is and all the scary thoughts she gets due to the power cut and thunder storms. "I should stop doing films like Mantra…getting scary thoughts”, said Charmi. “Trying to sleep from two hours, just couldn’t sleep alone”, added the bubbly actress.

Now, she is back with yet another recording explaining her miserable experience during her recent night shoot. “It’s all insects, red ants here…biting!!!” is all she got to share with her fans. It seems she is so troubled by these insects and ants all night.

Well, she does enjoy a good fan-base in the social networking platforms. While some are enjoying these unrest and happiness posts, some are throwing brickbats at her for such trivial and silly postings from such an actress.

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