Dr Ramanaidu - Embodiment of Determination and Novelty

By - June 06, 2014 - 06:56 AM IST

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Dr.D.Ramanaidu is one of the most prolific producers of not just Telugu Cinema but also Indian Cinema. He has produced many successful films in various Indian Languages and introduced new artists, technicians and thought provoking subjects for films. He made sure that the thought provoking films are not too preachy but entertaining by adding his own style of mass elements.

But what made him become most successful personality in the film industry? His banner Suresh Productions is one of the most prestigious banners in Telugu Cinema for over five decades. For a person to become successful in the film industry, just the zeal isn’t enough. It takes lot of hard work, determination and unfaltering spirit to bring novelty for Films. D.Ramanaidu is one unique producer who has all these aforementioned traits.  When times are different, and filmmakers preferred to make certain style of films which demanded sentiment, formulaic approach towards the characters and regular style of songs- he chose to make Raamudu Bheemudu which featured the legendary Sr.NTR for the first time in Telugu Cinema. Literally every aspect of the film is rich- right from music, visuals, actors and performances! The film paved way for many entertainers featuring the lead actors in a dual role.  Without sensible far sight and confidence in oneself, such big step wouldn’t have been possible.

Ramanaidu never hesitated to bring the best production values if he strongly believed in the film’s subject. ANR’s Prem Nagar and Secretary are best examples for it. Telugu Cinema was introduced to the world of glamor, affluence and visual grandeur with the breathtaking sets and ravishing costumes of the lead actors in these films. Moreover, the art direction was so convincing and never artificial in any of his films.  He dared to make these films based on popular books which was another challenging step for the early 70s era.

His films ranged from outright comedy (Aha Na Pellanta), adventure entertainers (Bobbili Raja), experimental entertainer (Indrudu Chandrudu), Tragic Love Story (Prema), Social Awareness (Dharmachakram, Ganesh, Sivayya and Preminchu) and what not? Ramanaidu knows the perfect recipe to make a film on high values and commercially successful.  He set the filming standards in Telugu Cinema, thereby becoming a role model for all aspiring producers.

Ramanaidu is one unique personality who proved that for a person to be successful in Cinema- Determination and Novelty are the two most important aspects apart from being disciplined, valued and energetic.

On that note, iQlikmovies.com wishes the ‘Movie Moghul’ Dr.D.Ramanaidu a very happy birthday and an eventful year ahead!


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