Radha's Daughter Imitates Star Heroes

By - June 06, 2014 - 12:42 PM IST

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If one has to speak about the heroines of yesteryears then the ruling diva of those times was Radha. She was not just a perfect package of beauty and sizzling sex appeal but amazing talent and worked with all the top star heroes of those times. Now, some blood from her has gone to her daughters.

Reports reveal that Karthika, elder daughter of Radha, is doing something unique. Though she has not scored great success as a heroine she has gained reputation as a good dancer. Now, it is heard that under Prem Rakshit’s choreography Karthika is going to do some complicated signature steps in her new film.

The highlight is, these signature steps happen to be that of many star heroes. While it is not sure which film she did but inside source has revealed this is going to cause a stir. Very soon that movie is going to come. Actually her mother Radha is a queen of dance and she was known to have the stamina to dance on par with Chiranjeevi. Now, it seems to have passed on to her daughter. We have to wait and see which film that is going to be. Till then, get glued to Iqlik to know more.

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