Eternal Beauty Should Put An End To This

By - June 06, 2014 - 04:42 PM IST

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Every era of Indian cinema has seen a heroine who became the queen of the entertainment industry but it must be said that one lady had the ability to rule not just Hindi but also the south simultaneously. She is none other than Sridevi and this is one reason why even today she enjoys huge following.

But the everlasting diva is doing something which is not going well with her admirers. Well, she has been posing with her daughters Jhanvi and Kushi for pictures quite frequently. Many feel it is with a intent to promote them but fact is something else, only Sridevi is grabbing all attention.

Nobody is caring for them and they are going out of focus. Be it the swimsuit picture or in the Japanese costume, the attention is on Sridevi only. It is being projected that Sridevi is looking young and the beauty of her daughters is getting sidelined. Many suggest if she wishes to promote her daughters she must stay away from the camera and focus on clicking their solo pictures. Hope the Athiloka Sundari is reading this.