KCR sexier than Lord Rama & Krishna: RGV

By - June 12, 2014 - 12:32 PM IST

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No one can escape the radar of RGV! He is born with the right to comment anyone/anything on or off this universe. However, he keeps surprising daily by his choice of prey. And this time it is KCR, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna (Already alarms ringing!). See how he ties a knot between KCR and Krishna pulling Lord Rama into the context -

“Lot of women told me that they find KCR in God avatar outside TRS office more sexier than Lord Rama and Lord Krishna

The same college girl told that Hyderabad wil b more nd more beautiful with more and more and larger and larger hoardings and statues of KCR

Am not surprised about women loving KCR becos women love power and many of them tell me they love KCR'S nose becos it uniquely exudes power

A college girl told me that most of her friends have a huge crush on KCR nd they are thrilled to see his wonderful face all over the city

KCR'S face is what once seen will be never forgotten by anyone in the world.. not even by Ghazni

The explicit honesty of KCR's pious mind in a no holds barred language reflects in the intense spiritual contours of his wonderful face

A man's face is nothing but his emotions radiating from within his inner soul and that explains the tremendous beauty of KCR'S face

KCR's inner beauty of thoughts reflect in the intensity of the expressional beauty of his outer face

The loveliest sight I have ever seen in my life is the lovely face of KCR utmostly beautifying the landscape of Hyderabad”

Wish KCR could read this! However, he would be left with no option except for laughing his guts out!

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