All Eyes On Raana's Cousin

By - June 13, 2014 - 06:53 PM IST

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The Daggubati family has been a crucial pillar to the Tollywood infrastructure and in terms of acting, victory Venkatesh has carved a stardom of his own. Now, the flag is being hoisted by Daggubati Rana and he is doing everything possible to gain success. However, eyes have now fallen on someone else.

This person happens to be cousin of Rana and his name is Daggubati Arjun. If you are wondering who this is well he happens to be the son of Venkatesh. Arjun is just a boy but there is a strong grapevine that he is likely to be seen in the film ‘Gopala Gopala’ which has Venky with power star Pawan Kalyan.

Apparently, Arjun was spotted during the launch of the film which triggered these speculations and it is heard that Venky made it clear that Arjun was there just for the event. Well, whether Arjun is part of the film or not, he sure has grabbed the eyeballs and all are seeing yet another Daggubati scion in this kid.

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