Kartikeya Vs Kakatiya: Big Confusion

By - June 14, 2014 - 04:43 PM IST

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The titles for films are always crucial for film’s success and many precautions are taken to ensure it creates the right impact. But there also times when some confusions happen and right now, that seems to be happening with the film Kartikeya which has Nikhil and Colors Swathi as the lead pair.

The cause for that happens to be another film Kakatiyudu starring Nandamuri Tarakaratna and directed by V Samudra that is being misunderstood as 'Kakatiya'. On one side Karthikeyudu movie has been doing strong promotion and it is gearing up for release as well. But many are getting confused with the title.

Kakatiyudu is still on the floors and is an upcoming release but whenever any promo material is being unveiled one has to take a closer look to understand which film they are talking about. Well, the sooner Karthikeya comes out, the sooner this confusion is going to be cleared.