2014 A Memorable Year For Celebrity Fathers

By - June 15, 2014 - 03:19 PM IST

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A father occupies a special place in our heart next only to our mother and no one is an exception to this. Earlier, we’ve seen many films made on mother subjects, but this year – it has been a different case. The year of 2014 has been a memorable year for the films made on father sentiment and that too with the real-life father/son enacting their real roles in those films.

The year started with Mahesh Babu and his son acting together in the critically acclaimed 1-Nenokkadine film. Though the roles of the duo doesn’t meet anywhere according to the story, the director has cleverly designed the scene in which both the father and son appear in a same shot. Superstar Mahesh is said to have taken the maximum care about his son Gautham’s well-being on the film’s shooting locations.

We’ve also seen 3 generations of father and son relationships in this year’s blockbuster hit Manam and the emotions were displayed with perfect balance. Nagarjuna is said to have taken the utmost care of his father’s health during the shoot. Akkineni family has become the new benchmark for the affection among the celebrities.

The upcoming Gopala Gopala will be giving us the opportunity to see the real-life father/son Venkatesh and Arjun Daggubati together on the screen. For now

On the other hand, Manchu Mohanbabu and his sons Vishnu/Manoj were not far from displaying their affection towards each other. They have acted together in films like Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummedha and Rowdy this year. Though the films were average grossers, the bond between the Manchu’s was appreciated by one and all.

And we might also get to see Balakrishna and his son Mokshagna in the same film next year. So, we are seeing a plethora of films in which the father/son/daughter relationship is being given an importance and we can happily celebrate the Father’s Day for real!

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