Interesting Story Behind Drushyam Title

By - June 18, 2014 - 04:32 PM IST

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A 2-3 hrs film is judged in just seconds. But there is a lot of hardship and brain storming behind the film. The makers dig into the nano details to come up with an idea.

And even the much awaited family thriller of this season Drushyam has many such moments. For instance, the title of the film ‘Drushyam’ is not put just because this is a remake of Malayalam Drishyam. Sources close to the project revealed that the makers have discussed many titles and the creative team of the film was made to write a new title on the board every day in Suresh Productions office.

There were many titles like Rakshana, Naa family, Nenu naa family, Sakshyam, Rambabu ki telusu, Naa kutumbam etc in consideration for the film’s title. Even titles like ‘Common Man’ & ‘Common Hero’ were also considered for a better mass appeal. In fact, these titles were sent to many including distributors for a second, third and fourth opinion as well.

However, the makers have finally zeroed in on the title ‘Drushyam’, realizing nothing can be more appropriate for this story. The film is being uniquely promoted and is slated for a July first week release.

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