SS Rajamouli On 'Parva' After 'Baahubali'?

By - June 19, 2014 - 10:19 AM IST

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While Baahubali is still on, already discussions are happening in filmnagar as to what would be Rajamouli’s next project. Well, there is one strong suggestion coming in that he must do a film based on the novel ‘Parva’. This has been written by the famous Kannada writer Bhairappa.

He is the winner of Kendra Sahitya Academy award and this is a novel based on Mahabharat. It is a very challenging subject and so interesting that one cannot miss a single page. The story is about how Pandavas and Kauravas gathered their forces, strategies, plans, politics etc when the Kurukshetra war was declared.

This is a semi-fiction tale but nowhere does one find it to be wrong or fabricated. And also there are no supernatural elements or mystic powers. It is based on core intelligence of the characters. ‘Parva’ got translated in English as well.

Rajamouli once said Mahabharat is his dream project. So, if Baahubali becomes a success across the nation, with international technicians he can make ‘Parva’. Let us wish Rajamouli from our Telugu cinema shows his might across the globe.

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