Tollywood Fight on American Independence Day

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The American Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th and of course it has nothing to do with India or the Telugu people. But this year, the American Independence Day will see a big fight in Tollywood. This is because it is release day and already few quality films are up for a clash.

On July 4th three films are gearing up to take the litmus test at the box office. They are ‘Maaya’ ‘Rara Krishnaiah’ and ‘Drusyam’. The official announcements have been given and the good thing is all three belong to different genres. ‘Maaya’ is a supernatural thriller with national award winner Neelakantha as the director.

‘Rara Krishnayya’ is a mass youthful entertainer with some brand value like Regina in it. As for ‘Drusyam’ it is coming from big banner and the pull is good because it has Venkatesh along with Meena. Well, let us wish all success to three films and may all of them click at the box office.

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