Venkatesh Imitates Balakrishna?

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Victory Venkatesh is one finest actor of Indian cinema who keeps surprising you every time. When there are heroes who crave for a commercial success even in their 50s and 60s, Venky is least bothered about it. Now, he is all set to surprise again with his upcoming family thriller Drushyam.

The fact is that Mohan Lal has imitated Mammootty (yet another Superstar) in Malayalam original Drishyam. So, doubts have naturally arisen as to whom Venkatesh will imitate in this Telugu remake version!

The scene demands Venkatesh character to imitate a popular Film star and the internal buzz is that Venkatesh has imitated Nandamuri Balakrishna in the film. ‘No, Venky has imitated someone else’ is yet another version.

However, we’ll have you updated with a confirmed news once the film is getting close to its release i.e., towards the first weekend of July. Meanwhile, let us keep guessing…

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