Ram Charan's Love For Snakes

By - June 25, 2014 - 07:03 PM IST

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If a snake enters your premises…what will you do?

Of course, we’ll scream first! And the next step would be looking for ways to kill it or if you are so kind-hearted, you would let it go off your sight.

But, guess what Ram Charan did…

He has handed over a big rat snake that was spotted near the premises of his house to the nearby Snake society. See how benevolent is he!

Many of us might wonder what is so special about this but before that, it is very essential to question ourselves - How many of us would restrain ourselves form killing them and take the strain of handing over them safely to a care taking unit.

Ram Charan is being appreciated by one and all for this tender act of kindness.

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