Is RGV's Ice Cream A Remake Film?

By - June 28, 2014 - 10:28 AM IST

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma's new film Ice Cream has completed its shoot and is gearing up for a grand release in the month of July. With not many big releases around, the new producer is highly hopeful about the success of his innovative movie.

As discussed earlier, RGV's Ice Cream was shot using a new technology named Flow Cam and everyone's excited to watch this experiment now. It is being said that the film has lot of similarities with RGV's Hindi film Kaun and the new version will just be an extra layer over the original one. It is also rumored that Ice Cream is just an updated version of Kaun and there will be not many differences between the two except the actors!

When inquired about the budget, it is revealed that the film was completed within a budget of around 1 crore rupees and the director has charged an extra 1.5 crore for his remuneration and ideas of innovation. All said and done, the producer is happy that the film has been wrapped up by the director within the total budget of 2.5 crores and that too in a time period of just 20 days!

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