Young Hero & Mom WhatsApp Conversation

By - July 01, 2014 - 07:49 PM IST

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In today’s technology driven world, everyone wants to be connected and that is where these smart phones, Whats app, Smart App etc came into existence. We know of youngsters immersed in these all the time but there are few sweet moms who do anything and come anywhere for their kiddos and never mind if it’s Whats App also!

Actor Nikhil Siddartha [Swamy Ra Ra fame] has one such lovely mom. She forayed into even Whats App not only to keep a tab on her smart son but indeed to know his well-being too! Well, Nikhil shares one such sweet Whats App conversation that happened with his mom, tweeting about his love for her -

"My Mom is on Watsapp.. and this is how our conversation's go... lol... :-)) "

Have a look at the above image…you will get to know this! Sweet isn’t it? [But there is always a problem with Moms and Dads on your Social Networking handles!]

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