Deva Katta Contributes for Film Education

By - July 04, 2014 - 11:33 AM IST

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There are many instances wherein cine buffs and aspiring filmmakers are in awe of a particular film but they are not sure on how to get the literature for it. Quite often, the directors tend to keep the script for themselves. However, one talented director in Tollywood thinks otherwise and he is out to give some film education.

He is none other than Deva Katta. Though he has done few films, Deva Katta has got a certain level of standard and acclaim among cine circles. Now, it is heard that he is going to publish the entire screenplay of his recent release Autonagar Surya after the first satellite broadcast of the film.

Apparently, Deva Katta did the same for his previous venture Prasthanam and many found that to be useful. The screenplay is expected to be uploaded onto the internet and aspiring filmmakers will find this to be very useful for academic interest and analysis. Deva Katta’s strong domain is screenplay and dialogues so this is a very valuable contribution indeed.

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