Kamal Hassan's Counter to Director Teja

By - July 06, 2014 - 03:55 PM IST

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Director Teja is ubiqutiously known for his toughness in treating actors in his films and nevertheless introducing many new talents on screen. But somehow, it has been almost a decade since he tasted success [His last hit being Jayam]. He made a statement saying that his upcoming film would feature Kamal Hassan as the hero and he himself is going to produce the film. This statement raised curiosity and many infact wondered how the combination would look like.

Legendary actor Kamal Hassan on the other hand, is known for strong statements and straightforward talk throughout his career. He never hesitates to come forward and clarify things with utter confidence and honesty. The actor has been quite busy with multiple responsiblities as producer, director and actor in Viswaroopam 2 and busy filming for Ramesh Arvind's Utthama Villian as well. At this juncture, he must have apparently thought to clarify the statement given by Tollywood director Teja.

Kamal Hassan clearly said that he has not accepted any new roles of late because of his current hectic schedule. He has signed up for Tamil version of Drishyam as well and should go ahead to work for Marma Yogi

With this counter clarification by Kamal, we'll have to wait and see what Teja has to say about this!

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