Are Big Heroes Afraid Of Sunny Leone?

By - July 09, 2014 - 12:15 PM IST

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Film Industry is all about glamour and the Entertainment industry has always been male dominated and the markets are quite Hero-Centric. But in the last two decades, some actresses have been carving a domain of their own. However, one woman who just entered Bollywood seems to be giving some sleepless nights to Big Heroes.

She is none other than the famous Hollywood Porn Star Sunny Leone and the reason why this Sex Goddess is giving few nightmares is owing to the following and fan base she has generated within months. To top it up, Sunny has already registered a hit in the form of Raagini MMS 2 and recently one of her song Baby Dol’ got maximum hits on the internet.

In that way, she has become the number one celebrity on the web and just her name has become enough to generate the business. Even in some of the online surveys conducted, Sunny has stood ahead of the top shot heroines. Well, if the same streak continues, it is reason enough for the big heroes to get Sunny Leone phobia.

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