Historical Tamil Film @ Jul 11th

By - July 09, 2014 - 11:51 AM IST

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It appears that the interest and courage to dig our past and bring it on celluloid has increased a lot among the film fraternity members. While Tollywood has got its own historical Rudramadevi preparing for arrival, Kollywood is already getting one to its theatres on July 11th.

We are talking about the film Ramanujan and as the title indicates, the film is more like a biography on the greatest mathematician the world has ever known. This is directed by Gnana Rajasekharan and it has Abhinav, grandson of Gemini Ganesan, making his debut in the title role.

Ramanujan doesn’t need an introduction given his prowess in Mathematics and his contribution. Sources from Chennai reveal this is going to release in Tamil as of now and based on the response, it might be getting dubbed into Telugu and released at a later date. It is time for an insight into a genius Mathematician’s life then.

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