Old Scripts Seeing Light?

By - July 12, 2014 - 01:19 PM IST

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Each day, there are hundreds of writers coming up with many creative thoughts and trying to convert them into a story. But whenever a thought comes, it doesn’t mean it would work as a cinema. With that block, the writers are taking a backstep. Many who have written few offbeat scripts have locked it in their cupboards.

But thanks to two films these old scripts might be seeing some light of hope and potential. We are talking about Manam and Drushyam. The recent release Manam became a blockbuster and the latest arrival Drushyam is running in the same direction. Since both films have worked, the old script movies will get more demand.

Producers and distributors always put their money on proven subjects and scripts. And whenever a particular type of film works unexpectedly, it sets a trend wherein the next series of films come on those lines. With these two films that trend will continue for a while so the family audiences can brace themselves for some clean and enjoyable treats, thanks to Manam and Drushyam effect.

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