New Ileana in Tollywood

By - July 15, 2014 - 10:57 AM IST

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Ileana was once a top heroine in Tollywood and she was famous for her super slim figure. Now, it’s been a while since Tollywood has seen Ileana as the beauty has shifted her base to Bollywood and is totally focused on Hindi Cinema. There are no signs of her looking back in the near future. It does sound a bit disappointing but here’s some good news.
A new girl in the Tinsel Town is making waves in Tollywood, and those who saw her are saying she is apt to be called as 'Junior Ileana'.
Her name is Erica Fernandez, she is making her debut in Telugu with the film Galipatam. Erica is a popular name in Sandalwood and she paired up with Aadi in this movie. Those who have seen her from close quarters say most of her features match with Ileana and even she has that good photogenic face.
On a feedback perspective, the Tollywood members are stating Erica needs to put on some extra pounds on her body and if she does that, she would become the new found dream queen for Telugu audience. For now, all eyes are on Galipatam and if Erica scores well, then there would be no turning back for her.

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