Good old days for Suresh Productions

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Film production has always been a risky affair. Sustaining in the production field for longer period is definitely not an easy task as the fortunes fluctuate every Friday. The age-old and established banner Suresh Productions has carved a brand of its own in filmmaking and produced over 100 films in all the Indian Languages which is indeed a unique record. But in the recent past they have hardly ventured into it. However, latest reports suggest that a lot of hustle bustle is happening in the compound of the office.
The reason for that is the success of their recent project Drushyam and sources reveal many writers are being lined up to come up with such type of stories. The banner has always believed in cost effective projects and doesn’t splurge money on films. The fact that they have a star in the form of Venkatesh adds to the economy.
But the Film Nagar circles are cheering the activity within this banner because it would mean more opportunities for the industry members. In a way, Drushyam has set a trend so as long as the heat is on among the audience, if writers can come up with some good quality stuff then Suresh Productions will take things forward.  

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