Longing For Mahesh Babu

By - July 18, 2014 - 10:21 AM IST

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Whenever the name Mahesh Babu is taken, it tends to send a tingle down the spine of many girls and they end up skipping a heartbeat. The superstar has earned a massive following in girls of all ages throughout his career and the list continues. Girls from outside the entertainment circuit drooling for Mahesh is expected.

But would you believe when we say that some noted female starlets are also going weak on their knees for Mahesh and that too from Bollywood? Well, it is true. It is heard that recently the noted Bollywood girl Parineeti Chopra was sharing her thoughts in an interview when the topic of doing south films came up.

Without delaying a second, Parineeti reportedly stated that she would love to work with Mahesh. There were also talks making rounds that Mahesh was urged to step into Bollywood at one point. What remains to be seen is whether Mahesh is going to oblige Parineeti’s desire or is he happy working with the stream of starlets from south, let us wait and watch.

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