Rajamouli Reaction To RGV Class

By - July 20, 2014 - 11:24 PM IST

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Maverick director RGV tried to educate the young aspirant and budding directors about his new discovery in filmmaking – the ‘No-Budget Filmmaking’ technique.

With his Ice Cream standing as his latest success model, RGV tried to explain and create awareness amidst the younger lot through a tutorial kind of video recently. Keeping aside the reception of the aspirants, various film personalities especially directors are watching this video twice and thrice.

Rajamouli is the latest example. He watched the video and responded like this -

Watched the video 3times since last night. All the aspirational film makers out there watch this carefully. This can be the foundation for a parallel film industry that can emerge which can even challenge the traditional one in a few years time. Money and establishment is not required to make a film, but a story and determination. RGV shows you how.And don't take icecream as an example for its content..but as a working model..I think both the industries will co exist constantly challenging each other RGV garu. The no budget industry, if it comes into being will thrive on content. The life line of traditional industry is glamour. Both of which r in abundance guaranteeing our survival.")
Well, looks like RGV has broken the negative impression and ended up on a positive note with this tutorial video! Above all, he is a true genius and passionate filmmaker.

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