What's There In 'Yamaleela-2'?

By - July 22, 2014 - 11:44 AM IST

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Off late, the number of small budget movies suprassed medium and big budget movies. However, due credit for this should be given to one film that was released twenty years ago and created a great sensation. It’s Yamaleela, a Socio-fantasy flick which turned comedian Ali a noted hero. The main man behind this is Director S V Krishna Reddy and now, SVK is back and busy shaping up the sequel Yamaleela2.
SV Krishna Reddy wants to regain the past glory and hence shaping up this project very prestigiously. As per the reports, the budget has already gone overboard. Many are wondering whether the budget can be recovered as the hero Satish is a debutant and Krishna Reddy has lost his prime long back.
The only selling point for the movie is Mohan Babu who is playing the role of 'Yama' and of course Brahmanandam, the 'Chitragupta'. The director and producers are pretty confident on the movie’s success. Let’s hope Krishna Reddy succeeds in delivering another sensational hit.

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