RGV's ICF Office to Start Soon?

By - July 23, 2014 - 01:54 PM IST

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The eccentric film maker Ram Gopal Varma came up with horror film Ice Cream recently and it caught attention for the budget and making more than what it offered in content. RGV gave his unique perspective in creating a new wave of film making through this venture. All this has led to a talk that RGV is setting up a new office with the name ‘Ice Cream Factory’. This genius film maker already has an established banner ‘Factory’ in Mumbai which is quite famous.  But after the striking revolution created by Ice Cream, this new talk has emerged. However, the internal sources say that he is not going to come up with any office as such, but would continue his activities in social media and the Internet.

So, anybody who is interested in learning about the new wave of film making can contact him through the web because RGV believes in what he says "except for sex, there is no need for people to meet each other in person as there is good deal of technology in hand". The insider news says that RGV might open an office but not for conducting exclusive training sessions for aspiring film makers.

As the director already released a video on Parallel Cinema in the Internet, we can expect things to go on in a similar manner from now on.

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