Drushyam in Controversy

By - July 24, 2014 - 04:12 PM IST

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Of late, controversies have become part and parcel of any Cinema. The recent release Drushyam became a major hit and the thriller element mixed with the family sentiment worked well with the audience. Taking this as the cue, preparations are going on to remake the film in Tamil with none other than Kamal Haasan reprising the role essayed by Victory Venkatesh. However, obstacles have already begun.

The Tamil version has been given a stay by the Kerala High court based on a petition by a writer. As if that is not enough, Bollywood producer Ekta Kapoor has also filed a case stating that she has the rights of the book ‘Devotion of Suspect X' written by Japanese writer Kiego Higashino based on which Drishyam was "free made". But amidst all this, one big question has risen.

Does the original Japanese writer Kiego Higashino know what is happening here? Apparently, Ekta made strong allegations that the story is taken from the book ‘Devotion of Suspect X’. Keeping this aside, the unanswered question is what would Keigo do if he is aware of this and gets a whiff of it?

For now, all are hoping that things don’t get further complicated.

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