FAKE NEWS: Pawan's Step up Revolution

By - July 26, 2014 - 10:08 AM IST

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These days, the name ‘Pawan Kalyan’ has become a national property. Anyone can use it and the Telugu saying “Vaadukunnodiki Vaadukunnantha” rightly applies here. Right from political parties to big stars, everyone is using his name to grab attention and gain mileage.  

And something similar happened recently. A small poster with Pawan Kalyan dancing on it has been creating a big confusion. As of now to the best of our knowledge, Pawan is involved only in Gopala Gopala and Gabbar Singh-2. But according to the poster, Pawan Kalyan will be seen in a movie named “Step Up Revolution 2014” which is directed by none other than Prabhu Dheva and produced by Bandla Ganesh.

The poster was so believable that digging into the issue, we learnt that it is nothing but fake news. As informed earlier, Pawan is currently busy with Gopala Gopla after which he will be concentrating on his Gabbar Singh-2.

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