Socialism Vs Capitalism in Tollywood

By - July 31, 2014 - 01:10 PM IST

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Whenever a revolution has taken place in history, it is against capitalism and feudalism. And the basic foundation for all revolutions has been socialism. Vexed with a tyranny and the craving for equal justice leads to the birth of a leader among a crowd and that leader will bring a change in the system for a better future.
However, that change is not permanent. There comes a point when again the world will start tilting towards socialism and capitalism. This is more like a curve of progression and regression that is based on the collective human psychology. The reason for giving this gyan is due to the new concept introduced by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma in regards to film distribution.
Socialism is first of its kind like French or Russian revolution. So, what RGV has proposed for breaking the traditional distribution system, this is not just restricted to Telugu cinema but to entire nation and wherever there is a feudalistic system of film distribution across cinema industries. There is a good scope of change but how long it will last is not known.

But those who have been debating on RGV’s ‘auction’ system say it is going to be a historic event. At the same time they also caution that threats are there, for instance, what if the theatre owner declines to give the screens? Secondly, some of the big guns might sit quiet thinking it will subside eventually, they would be waiting to see if this will explode or not. If it does then the traditional film biggies will come down heavily with their forces and ensure this total concept gets wiped out. Only time will tell how long RGV will succeed with his socialism.

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