Idi Modalu Logo Launch Contest 1st Question

By - August 02, 2014 - 04:07 PM IST

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Idi Modalu, the first ever crowd-funded Telugu film is paving its way towards filming.
'Crowd-funding' is a new trend that seems to have picked up in Tollywood for the very first time. Crowd Funding is a form of funding from the general public who trust in the project’s worth to help the passionate film makers who cannot find big producers.

Five such brave directors Sai Chakravarthi, Rupak Ronaldson, Hari Shankar, Raj Chanvel and Uday Gurrala have come forward to raise funds for their film Idi Modalu. This movie revolves around the various stages of human life. Five directors will be telling the story of the various stages of life – Childhood, Teenage, Youth, Married Life and Old Age.

The film has completed the pre-production and right from this stage, the film makers are promoting the film in a unique way by conducting a contest.
And according to the contest, the audience will be asked one question each day for 5 days.
> At the end of each day, a lucky winner shall be picked out of those who answered the questions correctly.
> If you can answer all the 5 questions correctly, you can win the golden chance of launching the logo of the movie Idi Modalu on the day of the logo launch i.e., 8th of August.
The first question of the contest is out today and here it is -
The first National Award for the Best Feature Film was awarded to a film belonging to which of the following languages?
  1. Malayalam
  2. Bengali
  3. Marathi
  4. Telugu
Even Rana Daggubati took two lifelines back-to-back to answer this simple yet tricky question in a quiz show that he participated recently. So, can you answer this?

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