Will He Sit Idle Till 2015?

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Just like a hero or a technician, it is important that a director is also busy with back to back projects because nobody knows when the creative juices begin to drain out. So, it has become a discussion of sorts with the grapevine that the new director Sujeeth might kickstart his next venture only in 2015.
Well, the story goes that after scoring a big hit with his debut flick Run Raja Run, Sujeeth is expected to do his second project with none other than Prabhas. But the Young Rebel star is busy with his magnum opus Baahubali which is getting wrapped up only in 2015. The question is, will Sujeeth really sit idle till then waiting for Prabhas?
Some say it may not be so and he might take up another project before he really joins hands with Prabhas. As it is, the film industry is one place which has no guarantee on anything till it is done and dusted. Hence, waiting for more than a year doing nothing would be unwise for a debutant like Sujeeth. Let us wait and see what path Sujeeth chooses.

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