'Peasarattu' Crowd Funding In Big Way

By - August 05, 2014 - 03:25 PM IST

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With new concepts and innovation taking big steps in the entertainment circuit, Tollywood is also seeing few rapid changes. Filmmakers are braving to come up with projects on different formulae. One such project is Peasarattu and this is being directed by Mahesh Kathi. This is slated to be a fun filled entertainer.

More than that, the point to capture is, this is a crowd funded film i.e., a film which would be made with contributions from different individuals or groups. When this concept was announced, mixed reactions came in but now some clarity has come in. People are contributing in a large way and this is building a good fund reserve for the project.

Peasarattu is going to be another crowd funding in Telugu after Idi Modalu. Recently, in Kannada one film called Lucia was made in the same way and scored a big success. The other thing is, just based on Facebook, Mahesh Kathi made an announcement and funds are coming in huge numbers. Even the maverick RGV also mentioned he wants to extend his support to the project. Well, looks like this Peasarattu is going to create a stir. 

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