Even Tollywood Awaiting 'Adultery'

By - August 06, 2014 - 07:14 PM IST

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One of the World’s most sought after authors is Paulo Coelho and unlike the regular authors, his books have a certain philosophy that can be applied in life as well. Now, it is heard that Paulo Coelho is all set to arrive with a book and even Tollywood is eagerly waiting for its release.

The book is called ‘Adultery’ and it is scheduled to hit the stands on August 19th.  It is heard that these cine folks are keen to see what is there in the book. If it has the required masala then they can make a film, taking inspiration from it.  The Film Nagar circles say the reason for this enthusiasm is due to the title. ‎

In a gist, the story revolves around a thirty year old woman who has a perfect life in terms of marriage, husband, kids, job but boredom creeps in. That is when she bumps across her ex-boyfriend who is now a successful politician and he triggers that one element she is missing, Passion. Well, let us wait for August 19th to know more about it.

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