It Works Only For 'Baahubali'??

By - August 08, 2014 - 02:59 PM IST

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This is to bring to your notice that an interesting conversation took place between the Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai and the noted Tollywood producer Shobu Yarlagadda on Twitter which goes like this-
"JP- You can't have a social media or publicity campaign 16 days before a film’s release. Or just 2 months of TV air play. That's crap
Shobu- I agree and I honestly believe @ BaahubaliMovie has been an exception! Even if I have to say so myself! :)"
Well, doing publicity for a film is different from publicity happening by itself. For the range of Baahubali automatic buzz will be happening. The makers from their end are doing special videos on the eve of actors and technicians birthdays. It is an interesting thing for the people and a novel way to promote this magnum opus.

But fact of the matter is, small budget flicks cannot afford that. The scale of Baahubali is different. Even media will take initiative and write about it because that gives them attention and TRPs. However, for small films the makers have to spend to get publicity and information about their film written at various media platforms. This divide is going to remain like that.

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