Ram Charan inspires Kamal Hasan

By - August 08, 2014 - 10:57 AM IST

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Kamal Hasan is one such rare actor who has insatiable appetite for films. Despite being in the industry for over 3 decades and having done various roles, he has never rested on his past laurels. His quest for novelty still continues.
The concept of Karma and reincarnation has formed the crux of a major debate between science and spirituality over many centuries. While the result of that is yet to be found out, the entertainment industry has taken the spiritual side and made some good bucks at the box office in the process.
For that matter, even Kamal Haasan who is supposedly a staunch atheist seems to be adopting it. This is through his new movie Uttama Villain. It is heard that he would be doing a double role, that of an 8th century theatre artist and a 21st century film star. This is not the first time he used the concept of rebirth. His magnum opus Dasavatharam is another example.
However, after hearing the line of Uttama Villain, it appears that this is an inspiration taken from the blockbuster hit ‘Magadheera’. The Ram Charan starrer shows him as a brave warrior 400 years back and a bike racer in the current times. Similarly, Kamal is seen as a theatre artist then and now as a film star. The emotional peaks in Uttama Villain are expected to be seen just like in Magadheera. Generally, when someone asks, what UV stands for? - We tend to answer 'Ultra Violet’. But after this film releases, maybe many South Indians will start remembering it as Uttama Villain.

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